The Global Stories Initiative (“GSI”) is sponsored by Expanse of Hope, a nonprofit based out of the United Kingdom. GSI seeks to give a voice to people from around the globe by collecting and publishing their stories on web-based mediums. At Expanse of Hope, we understand that sharing our experiences and listening to the experiences of others can be life-changing, both for the person sharing and the listener. 



By sharing our stories, whether big or small, positive or negative, we can: be a positive influence for others; exercise courage and humility to speak about something difficult in our life; allow others to better understand and support us; remember lessons learned; give others the freedom to share; build closer relationships; put life in perspective; and release tension. 



By listening to the stories of others, we can: be more appreciated by the person sharing; get new points of view, new perspectives and insights; get some good advice; build more harmonious relationships; develop patience and tolerance; solve problems and see new opportunities; and understand the joys and struggles of others. 


Going Forward 

Through the Global Stories Initiative, Expanse of Hope will provide the mechanism for collecting and sharing the stories of peoples from around the world allowing readers (listeners) to learn from and provide support to each other. While many of the stories will detail experiences of joy and triumph, some will reveal needs and struggles; and, when that happens, we will all be able to better understand and respond.  

Expanse of Hope will advance the Global Stories Initiative by: recruiting volunteers from around the world to collect stories from people in their local communities; developing and maintaining the website and related social media accounts to share the stories collected; maintaining the necessary staff to edit and publish stories; and developing a system for identifying any needs presented in the stories, and soliciting support from GSI followers to respond to those needs with effective and sustainable solutions. 


The Global Stories Initiative will only be successful through the generosity of others. You can provide support to this initiative by volunteering to:  

  • collect stories (training and support will be provided);
  • share your own story;
  • assist with editing and publishing stories collected;
  • review stories to identify common areas of need; and 
  • aid with the development of effective and sustainable solutions (responses) to the identified needs.   

Additionally, you can financially support the Global Stories Initiative through donations to Expanse of Hope.